Hello vinyl-freaks

and collectors,






What will you find here?

=> a lot of vinyl I actually will sell!



Nearly all styles:

Heavy Metal, Hardrock, Pop, Rock, Songwriter, Jazz, Country and so on - !!


And a lot of rarities too - !!



And why?:
I'm already collecting since many years. And collectors know it: you always find something new and something new, and something new . Until you'll find nearly no more place in your home. Isn't it? Fot this reason I want to concentrate my collection a little bit. And too, I've some double. So you can get now some nice items here.




Hope you'll enjoy seeking on my site and wish you succes (in finding a lot)!






Reinhard Bornemann




Information : last update has been 10.08.2009 / the Excel-Sheet 19,07.2017 (with a lot of new items!)



the lists what you'll have to do


contact some more explanations